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Suzanne Sasaki

Account Executive

“Pivot” has been the guiding word for Suzanne during her 20-odd years in communication. No matter her job title — whether it be Conference Coordinator for Starwood Hotels (Chicago), Business Analyst for Excelon Corp. (San Francisco), Marketing Manager for PacRim Marketing Group (Honolulu), Founding Senior Editor for Yoga Hawaii Magazine (Honolulu), Instructor at CorePower Yoga (Honolulu), or… simply, Mom — she has consistently been delegated to write, speak, and land the message well — skills that were polished while serving various industries and diverse needs. A believer in nuance and versatility, she knows that words can sway minds; that words can move hearts. Nothing gives her more joy than to envision the results — and execute the work — of excellent communication.

OK, there are two things that give her more joy than words, and those are “food” and “yoga.” Suz is a daily yogi, baker and bento maker. Food and yoga are full-scale languages for Suzanne, with which she loves to express. Speaking of languages, she is bilingual Japanese and often provides translation services to Pang Communications’ clients.

Suz was (unwittingly) Boss Lady Jennifer Pang’s classmate at the Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, IL. They love to tell the tale of being star-crossed in college, but crossing paths with great purpose, decades later. Working for Pang Communications today, and serving Jennifer’s clients, yields a sense of “coming full circle.” It simply makes sense for Suz. Serendipity is a lovely feeling.