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Nancy Arcayna

Account Supervisor

Walking on 1,200-degree coals, swimming with sharks and sharing the human experience were a few of the things that Nancy Arcayna covered as a journalist for the daily newspaper for nearly two decades. Her experience in Public Relations comes from working closely with clients and subjects to gather the information that best tells their stories.

Starting out as a features reporter at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and later the Star-Advertiser, topics covered included arts and entertainment, home and garden, health and fitness, child and family activities and general human interest. In-depth interviews were conducted with people from all walks of life including former gang members and prostitutes to rock stars and thriving members of the community. Each story was unique and equally important.

Prior to her time at the newspapers, Nancy worked as the managing editor for the Hawaii State Bar Association’s monthly publication, the “Hawaii Bar Journal” and its annual directory while providing benefit services and planning social events for members.

Continuing her love affair with the written word, additional writing and editing services were provided for other companies and publications since her departure from the newspaper, including working on wedding magazines and trade publications.

When she’s not putting her pen to paper or typing away on the keyboard, Nancy can be found playing in the ocean waves on the beautiful shores of Oahu where she has lived for the past three decades.