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Jessica Benson

Account Executive
(808) 218-3477

Jessica Benson, originally from Sweden but raised in Honolulu, is an Account Executive at Pang Communications. She specializes in media relations, social media, and marketing strategy for a variety of clients at the firm.

With a background in customer service and finance from her time at Bank of Hawaii and Foodland, she transitioned into marketing, serving as a dynamic marketing manager for local businesses over the past three years in the industries of fitness, cleaning and retail. Jessica’s strategic mindset and innovative approach have significantly contributed to the success of the businesses she collaborates with, showcasing her commitment to excellence and continuous growth.
Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is a graduate of the Shidler School of Business where she completed a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Jessica’s insatiable curiosity and unwavering passion for acquiring new knowledge serves as a catalyst for her diverse array of hobbies and pursuits. From the art of baking, tending to flourishing gardens, and skillfully restoring furniture, to the intricate craft of jewelry making and the expressive world of painting, Jessica is perpetually on a quest to broaden her skill set. Her creative prowess acts as the driving force behind her ability to craft compelling content and devise innovative marketing strategies.